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PEP Director James Cooper Speaks at FTC Workshop – “The Future of the COPPA Rule”

On Monday, October 7, 2019  PEP Director James Cooper spoke at a public workshop hosted by the Federal Trade Commission that discussed updating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule. You can watch the full afternoon session here. Tune in at 3:30:00 to hear Director Cooper speak on Panel 4: “Uses and Misuses of Persistent Identifiers.”

“I worry about undervaluing  information flows to kids. . . Kids shouldn’t deserve any less First Amendment protections than grownups. . . . Once we start thinking about using COPPA as a tool to restrict advertising to kids, then I do think we’re getting into First Amendment land.”

Read the full transcript here.

Cooper spoke alongside alongside Harry Jho, Katharina Kopp, Jonathan Mayer, Kate O’Loughlin and Julia Tama on the panel. The panel was moderated by Mark Eichorn, an Assistant Director in the Division of Privacy & Identity Protection, and Laura Hosken, an Economist in the Bureau of Economics at the FTC.